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Our processes and frameworks

4 Phase Growth System

Achieve Data Integrity

To ensure profitable growth, establishing a foundation of accurate and reliable data is crucial.

We start by auditing and optimising your data collection processes, alongside integrating proprietary in-house analytics tools that allows us to validate the reliability of existing data sources.

In the new paradigm of attribution, efficient and rapid growth is only made possible by specialists that understand and build data collection systems that consider multi-touch attribution.

Bridge the Gap Between Marketing & Finance

We set up and integrate systems in your business to track your month-on-month unit economics, free cash flow and customer quantiles.

An approach grounded in corporate finance and database marketing is used to minimise your businesses cash conversion cycle.

By identifying the bottlenecks in your current cash conversion cycle, we can unlock rapid yet sustainable growth.

Control New Customer Acquisition

Once the groundwork for data integrity and unit economics integration is laid, the next leap involves acquiring new customers efficiently, at scale.

At the heart of our success are two key pillars: our structured testing frameworks and our exceptional team.

Our testing frameworks across Meta & Google provide us with crystal-clear data, allowing us to iterate rapidly towards decreasing customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Behind every data point and test result is our world-class team. Their expertise and deep understanding of performance marketing bring life to the data, turning it into actionable insights that further drive down CAC.

Behind every data point and test result is our world-class team. Their expertise and deep understanding of the field bring life to the data, turning it into actionable insights that drive your success.

Increase Lifetime Customer Profits

Through collection of zero party data and thorough customer journey mapping, we provide you with a strategic plan to maximise profitability out of your existing customer base.

Direct customer data fuels back into the acquisition strategy, further driving down CAC - whilst also being used to implement LTV enhancement opportunities. These include testing out quantile based offers and upsells, introducing profit-first loyalty programs, and increasing customer utility.

Strategic engagement and value optimisation enables us to increase repeat purchase revenue, driving sustainable long-term growth.


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175+ leading brands have grown their profits with Blue Sense Digital

Our values are integral to driving our performance.

They establish the standard for what we consider excellence, guiding our actions and decisions, and shaping our company culture. They make us who we are, and it is through living these values that we continue to grow.


We believe that time is of the essence in the world of eCommerce. Both with our clients, and with each other, we commit to making fast decisions, working with a sense of urgency, responding fast & frequently, and respecting other people’s time & attention


Our commitment to Radical Transparency comes from a place of compassion. With each other, it means that we aim to share our honest opinions and perspectives, question the decisions & behaviours of others, and create, relay and reinforce organisational clarity around collective expectations and decisions. For our clients, it means that we aim to provide reliable information to enable quality business decisions, and express hesitations, issues and concerns that we believe they can help support us on


We exercise Extreme Ownership at each opportunity at all levels of the company. Meaning every team member strives to assume full accountability over their responsibilities, their decisions, and the outcomes that both they, and those they collaborate with, produce (directly or indirectly).


Things aren’t always black & white. Our approach is our approach, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those who do things differently are wrong. When we come across a fresh perspective, a different approach, or an unfamiliar idea, we don’t simply determine: “is this right or wrong?”, and then move on. Instead, as it will inform our learning, we consider to what extent is this right? Why? To what extent is this wrong? Why?

Passion & Heart

What this really boils down to is that we care. We care about ourselves, the people we work alongside, the people behind the brands we serve, the work we do as part of that service. To go one step further, we believe in delivering extraordinary client experiences.

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